Jacobo Moreno Barjola, started his career in 1972 as a founding partner of a family business.

IBERLAMP was founded by Jacobo Moreno B. in 1974.

On March 25, 1980, the firm of Jacobo Moreno, went on to become a corporation called IBERLAMPARAS SA, preserving as a registered trademark, the IBERLAMP name, by which it is known internationally.

Continuing with our expansion, then we create a new society, which would cover a very important market segment, called spot light .

This new company was called, CHUST LIGHTING SL.

A few years later, in an effort to meet other needs of our customers, we founded the company KUBIC LIGHT SL. With this new venture, we began our first steps into technical light, giving a very important step in our career .

The Moreno family has participated in two other lighting companies, of high turnover products, which helped to cover other segments in the lighting world.

Later, all companies of IBERLAMP lighting group, were merged, giving rise to a single corporate name, under the title of IBERLAMP LIGHT SL.

IBERLAMP, continuous like a registered trademark

After more than 40 years practising this beautiful and creative profession, we are very proud to have had the support of all our customers, that on the other hand, they were and are excellent partners of IBERLAMP .

To all of them our appreciation and gratitude.

Today our goal remains the same as in 1972. This goal is simply to continue offering the best of each of the people who make IBERLAMP, always striving to keep up with the needs of our customers.

With our gratitude.  

Jacobo Moreno Barjola





These 40 years of work for quality, we have been taught to do things right.

Since our birth, then our commitment to design, quality and innovation is continuous so we have our own product development department headed by company president Jacobo Moreno.

We have also seen fit to have a multidisciplinary team that provides us new ideas with high level professionals.

This allows us to offer innovative, functional design and cutting edge products.

So we can say proudly that we take care to maintain quality care in every detail, both in the design and manufacturing or product shipping.



Iberlamp in partnership with CEU Cardenal Herrera University also allows senior students of Industrial Design practices in our company. 



For delivery of our products we follow the guidelines of the companies that make deliveries of products of these categories. What ensures that our product arrives to the customer undamaged.




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